Will I get nauseous?
Most people don't. Since the days of ether anesthesia, when almost
everybody did throw up after anesthesia, we have made great progress.
The general rate of post-operative nausea and vomiting ("PONV") is
between 10 and 20%. However the rate varies widely depending on the
type of operation you're having. Fortunately most instances are short
lived, lasting only briefly in the recovery room. Some last longer and
require combinations of anti-nausea medicines. Rarely a patient will
need to be admitted to the hospital longer than originally planned.

It is also fortunate that the newer anesthetic agents, in conjunction with
active research into the problem by anesthesiologists worldwide, have
given us new tools and insights into the best strategies for prevention
and treatment of PONV. Please feel free to speak openly with your
anesthesiologist about your concerns and how he or she will try to prevent
or treat PONV for your surgery.