Can my baby's father be with me?

Fathers are very welcome to be present at their baby's birth, whether he or
she is born vaginally or by cesarean. For many couples, the first sight of
their infant is an unforgettable moment to share. If the baby is born by
cesarean, the father will be asked to wait outside the operating room while
the mother is prepared for surgery.  When ready, he will be escorted into the
operating room and seated by the mother's head. Many mothers find it
comforting to hear the father's voice and hold his hand. We will be glad to
answer any questions for you during the cesarean section. You will see the
baby as soon as it is born, and you will be able to hold your baby as soon
as he or she has been checked by pediatricians.

Ordinarily, the baby's father is not present when general anesthesia is
used so that we can give undivided attention to the mother's anesthetic.
Fathers need not feel pressure to come into the operating room. Do not
come unless you want to. On the other hand, there is no reason to be
worried about feeling dizzy or having a weak stomach; you do not have
to watch any of the operation. If you wish to leave at any time, a nurse
will be glad to escort you back to the waiting area and later bring
the baby out to you.