How long should my child fast before surgery?
Food and milk empty from the stomach much slower than clear liquids.
To make sure the stomach is as empty as possible by the time anesthesia is
started, patients must be fasting longer from food or milk than from clear
fluids. Recommended fasting times for different types of food and liquids
are as follows: Type of food or liquid Fasting time before arrival to hosptial.

TYPE OF FOOD               TIME
Fatty or fried food          8 hours
Light meal, milk             6 hours
Breast milk (infants)      4 hours
Clear liquids                  2 hours

What type of liquids are CLEAR LIQUIDS?
Clear liquids are any type of liquids that, when poured into a clear glass,
would allow you to see through them. Some examples are water, electrolyte
solutions, apple juice. Any liquid that you cannot see through, such as
orange juice or milk, empties from the stomach slower, and should
be treated as a "light meal" in terms of fasting.