My child's surgery was canceled because of a cold.
How long do I wait to reschedule surgery?

Research has shown that children with colds may have sensitive air
passages for several weeks after the symptoms have gone. Because a child
with sensitive air passages is more likely to have complications during
surgery, it is usually good practice to wait several weeks until the airways
have had a chance to fully recover.

The length of time that you should wait before rescheduling surgery varies but should be decided in consultation with your anesthesiologist and surgeon.

Since your child's surgery was canceled, it is probably because his or her symptoms were severe enough to be worrisome.  In these cases the recommended wait time is 4 or more
weeks. This should allow the air passages sufficient time to recover.

If your child was diagnosed with a bacterial infection of the lungs or airways, he/
she should receive antibiotics and surgery postponed for at least 4 weeks.