Why does my child need to be sedated for her MRI scan?
I was told that the procedure is entirely painless.

Procedures such as MRI scans require the child to be completely still to
ensure adequate quality of the scans. The scanner is a long tunnel, and
during the scan there are loud noises similar to a motorcycle engine. This
may present a scary and claustrophobic (closed-in) environment for most
young children and even some adults. Scans last for 45 minutes to 2 hours
depending on the areas to be scanned. Therefore, many children and even
some adults require sedation even though the procedure does not cause
any pain. The need for sedation is assessed by nurses and doctors
responsible for her care in the MRI scanner based on her age, medical
history and experience with past medical procedures. Parents may be asked
for important information that will help to determine whether or not the
child will need sedation.